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Our qualified operators can excavate for and install septic tanks, soakaways and other drainage requirements. Whether it’s a golf course or a garden lawn we can find an affordable and quality solution to your problems. Our highly skilled team here at Beacons Group are ready to tackle any tasks you are in need of assistance with.


Our construction division are skilled and experienced in all phases of construction and our customer focused approach makes the construction experience just that, an experience. We want our customers to be there from the moment we get to the job until the end of the job so that they can have as much input as possible.


We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are there for them to help them achieve their dreams that they may have for their property. From new construction to existing constructions that need a facelift, our professional team helps.

  • French Drains
  • Soakaways
  • Culverts
  • Septic Tank installation
  • Ditching
  • Catchpitt



Key Benefits of Construction:

Beacons Group take your property and give it a new lease of life with our experienced construction team. Every customer and their property are unique and we like to tailor each quote to the customer’s specific requirements and budget.

  Increases the value of your property.
  Attractive environment for entertaining and relaxing.
  Increases hygiene through the property.
  Increases usability of your property.
  Makes your property more attractive to prospective purchasers/customers.

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